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‘India Look Like a Complete Package, Pakistan Discombobulated’: Ex-ENG Cricketer’s Huge Prediction for World Cup 2023

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Last Updated: September 21, 2023, 13:04 IST

India or Pakistan - Who's more prepared for the ICC World Cup 2023

India or Pakistan – Who’s more prepared for the ICC World Cup 2023

Former England cricketer Dominic Cork witnessed the proceedings in Asia Cup 2023 from closed quarters and observed that Team India seems to be a complete package.

The recently concluded Asia Cup 2023 was a complete package for cricket fans. Though the notorious Sri Lankan weather played a decisive role on most occasions, the viewers enjoyed some nail-biting affairs as well towards the end of the tournament. For instance, Sri Lanka knocking out favourites Pakistan, Bangladesh bowing out with a consolation win over India and then Rohit Sharma & Co mowing down the Lankans with a 10-wicket win to lift a record-extending 8th title win.

The continental event also provided a rough idea about the preparedness of the World Cup-bound teams. Former England cricketer Dominic Cork, who was part of the tournament’s commentary panel, witnessed the proceedings from closed quarters and has come to the conclusion that Team India seems to be a complete package.

“We watch a lot of India and Pakistan, you know, we all do. The PSL, so we know what Pakistan cricket is like and how strong that is. But being around, you know, the Bangladesh team, the Sri Lankan team, the Afghanistan team. It was a really good tournament and obviously, India won it in the end. Quite comprehensively, bowling Sri Lanka out for 50 in an extraordinary game. Yeah, every ball swung, every pitch we played on a little bit of bounce, a little bit of carrying them, a little bit of spin. It was perfect conditions and some really good performances throughout,” Dominic Cork said while speaking to Sky Sports.

Speaking about Pakistan, the former England cricketer said the men in green looked ‘discombobulated’ – which, in simpler terms, means confused. However, Cork also added that Babar Azam & Co can’t be written off.

“Who’s looking good there? India and Pakistan are just looking like I know him a look. discombobulated? I think that’s the word. I’m looking for this. Discombobulated. I think that’s the word I was looking for,” Cork said.

“I just think the way that you look at Pakistan and think they’d have no chance in the World Cup, You know, you could never write them off. But when you look at India, they just look like a complete package. And you’ve got people who want on their side. Shreyas Iyer won’t be on their side. The likes of Suryakumar Yadav will miss out,” he added.

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