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How to Make a US Visa Card


Jun 23, 2020

The way the US Visa card works, there is no doubt that obtaining a Visa or MasterCard in 2020 became essential for everyone who trades on the internet, so a visa and an account at the best electronic banks is the first step for anyone who wants to start a free internet business or receive profits from CPA networks, commission marketing or internet profit sites.

Visa Card is also required for anyone interested in buying and buying on the internet, to take advantage of many of the powerful coupons and discounts provided by malls, and some also offer special discounts when paying with Visa Card and Master Card. can now use it to pay your bills and charge your phone and many services in all aspects of your daily life, so whatever you do online, you need a Visa or Master Card.

We now know the most important ways to obtain a Mastercard and Visa without having to open a bank account. In addition to how Visa Card works via the internet, we learn more about the procedures required to issue it.

How to get a Visa and Master Card without a bank account

There are many ways you can get a Visa or MasterCard card without needing a bank account, and you can receive it on the same day, and most banks and electronic banks offer it, and because the need for Visa cards vary, as do the Terms and Conditions for some banks. I will try to explain the best types of Visa MasterCard according to the need for use and for Visa and MasterCard electronic banks according to the countries they support.

We get to know the list of Visa and MasterCard cards that you can apply for via the internet, which supports all Arab countries, in addition to the Visa and MasterCard cards provided by banks in Egypt, as well as how to obtain them and the conditions for their issuance.

Visa card works online

We first learn how to work with a Visa card via the internet through electronic banks; you can get a US prepaid Visa card or get a Master Card. In addition to Visa and MasterCard, you can also obtain a European visa from Lithuania.

You can also get a US bank account via the banks we now know, such as the one offered by a Pioneer or a European bank account from Baisra, with a great Visa card that is accepted in all stores around the world . You can also use it to withdraw money from Paypal and also withdraw at the electronic bank. Skrill

The types of Visa and MasterCard you can apply for via the internet that we will learn about are:

  • Payoneer MasterCard.
  • Paysera MasterCard.
  • Visa and MasterCard Spectrocoin Visa.

Obtaining a US MasterCard from Payoneer Mastercard

Payoneer MasterCard: only for those who are accused of self-employment on the Internet and commission marketers and those who want to obtain a US bank account:

  • Type: Master Card.
  • Support: all countries.
  • Cost: $ 30 per year, but card issuance fees are free.
  • Currency: A card can be requested in US dollars, euros, British pounds or Japanese yen.
  • Acceptance: It can be used to buy on all sites that support MasterCard and in Facebook ads, and can be linked to Paypal.

Pioneer is the first choice here, as the majority of the site’s fans are interested in freelance internet and commission marketing and those interested in profitable sites and from different Arab countries, as this may currently be an inappropriate choice for you. all if you just want to buy a card from the internet because it is about $ 30 per year. You can only send it through lucrative sites and networks that Pioneer deals with, or through a financial intermediary. If your account is active, you can switch to any other Pioneer account via the card-to-card feature.

But Pioneer for marketers and freelancers is a necessary step, because it provides a payment service in which you get a US bank account with which you can receive your profits from many networks and websites, and this is of course an excellent solution compared to the bank check that may not encounter or experience a problem in the exchange.

Obtain a Paysera Visa Card

Paysera Visa Card:

It is considered as the best all-purpose visa card for anyone interested in buying and buying on the internet as it is supported on all internet sites and interested in electronic banking, free work and profit from the internet and for those who have a European free bank account:

  • Type: Visa.
  • Support: all countries.
  • Cost: 3 € and a monthly fee of 0.5 €.
  • Currency: Euro.
  • Support: all shopping sites, all internet usage, activation and withdrawal of Paypal and Skrill, and all the Visa card usage you need.

I consider it the best Visa card so far. You can get it for its very cheap price compared to its benefits. The cost of issuing it is only 3 euros with monthly expenses of 0.5 euros. You can also send it in many ways by bank transfer or withdrawals from Paypal or Skrill, or to send it to you from the Bisra account. Another one or through an intermediary, and you can use it for all purposes on the Internet

Visa Baisra is considered as one of the most expensive visa cards in the Arab world, especially in Egypt and Algeria, especially countries that are having trouble withdrawing from Paypal. In the recent period, the price of the visa has reached 50 euros, due to a large amount of visa application, but again returned to the price of 3 euros, and you can also facilitate a free European bank account via the electronic bank.

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