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‘Missed Opportunity’: Pence Slams Ex-Boss Donald Trump for Skipping Second Republican Debate

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Last Updated: September 20, 2023, 14:20 IST

Washington D.C., United States of America (USA)

Former US vice president Mike Pence is facing his former boss Donald Trump in the 2024 US Presidential Elections. (Image: AP Photo)

Former US vice president Mike Pence is facing his former boss Donald Trump in the 2024 US Presidential Elections. (Image: AP Photo)

Mike Pence said Trump owes it to the Republican voters to unveil his plans on how he will rebuild America and claimed Biden weakened the US.

Former US vice president Mike Pence said his ex-boss, former US president Donald Trump, is ‘missing an opportunity’ by not participating in the second GOP primary debate in the 2024 presidential cycle. The debate will be held in California on September 27.

Pence, a contender for the US elections next year, targeted Joe Biden and said the US President weakened the nation at home and abroad.

Speaking to CBS, Pence said that not only is it a missed opportunity for the former president but also a missed opportunity for Republican voters.

“I think it’s a missed opportunity for Donald Trump, and I think it’s a missed opportunity for Republican voters,” Pence said, pointing out that Trump owes it to Americans to explain his agenda for the US ahead of the 2024 US elections.

“Look, this country is in a lot of trouble. Joe Biden has weakened America at home and abroad, and I think the former president – just like all the rest of us vying for the Republican nomination – owes it to the American people to express what our agenda will be for turning this country around,” Pence was quoted as saying by CBS.

Trump will skip the debate and head to Michigan to deliver a speech to autoworkers. He also skipped the first debate.

He skipped the first GOP debate and said he skipped the debate because he commanded a lead in the race and also chided Fox News of being hostile to him.

The International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW) which represents more than 150,000 American auto workers are striking against General Motors, Ford and Stellantis. The strike has entered the fourth day, with the UAW demanding wage increases and the length of the work week.

Trump’s visit to Michigan will provide him with an opportunity to deliver a message to a key voting bloc in the pivotal battleground state. However, his criticism of United Auto Workers (UAW) President Shawn Fain, despite courting the workers on his social media portal Truth Social, could backfire.

“Donald Trump is going to Michigan next week to lie to Michigan workers and pretend he didn’t spend his entire failed presidency selling them out at every turn,” Biden’s campaign team said, assailing Trump’s plans to meet the striking workers.

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