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How Mudra Loan Scheme Helps You Start This Profitable Business By Investing Only Rs 1.95 Lakh

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The business can yield an annual turnover of Rs 28.80 lakh.

The business can yield an annual turnover of Rs 28.80 lakh.

One can earn around Rs 40,000 monthly from this business.

If you’re contemplating a new business venture that promises substantial income, consider the tomato sauce business – a thriving industry with consistently high demand in both rural and urban markets. Tomato sauce, a staple condiment in every household, enhances the flavour of countless dishes, from vegetables to pizzas and burgers. The availability of tomatoes year-round makes this venture a viable option.

Reports indicate that the government offers support for initiating a tomato sauce business through the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Scheme. To start this enterprise, an estimated investment of Rs 7.82 lakh is required. Entrepreneurs need to contribute Rs 1.95 lakh from their resources, while the remaining funds can be obtained through a Mudra Loan Scheme.

Of the total investment, Rs 2 lakh is allocated for procuring machinery and equipment necessary for tomato sauce production. The remaining Rs 5.82 lakh covers expenses like raw materials, ingredients, worker salaries, packaging, communication, rent, and more. Financial assistance can be readily obtained from various banks under the Mudra Yojana to kickstart this venture.

One advantage of the tomato sauce business is that it doesn’t demand substantial space. Setting up a tomato sauce production unit involves cutting raw and ripe tomatoes into small pieces and boiling them in a steam kettle. The boiled tomatoes are then processed into pulp, with seeds and fibres meticulously separated. Ingredients such as ginger, garlic, cloves, black pepper, salt, sugar, and vinegar are added to enhance flavour. Preservatives are also incorporated to prolong the sauce’s shelf life.

According to the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Scheme, the tomato sauce business can yield an annual turnover of Rs 28.80 lakh. Annual expenditures are estimated at Rs 24.22 lakh. After subtracting expenses from turnover, entrepreneurs can anticipate a profit of approximately Rs 4.58 lakh annually. This translates to a monthly income of around Rs 40,000 from this business.

In a world of diverse culinary preferences, the tomato sauce business presents a lucrative opportunity to cater to the enduring demand for this beloved condiment. With government support and prudent investment, budding entrepreneurs can tap into this thriving industry and savour the taste of financial success.

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