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Tips to Take Before Buying a New Home


Jun 20, 2020

Tips to Take Before Buying a New Home, the home is the place where you feel comfortable after the effort of a long day at work or study, and you regularly spend most of your time getting together daily with your loved ones and family members.

And before you decide to rent or buy a new home, there are some important things to consider to feel comfortable, peaceful and reassuring in your home.

10 tips to take before buying a new home

1- Price:

The price of the house is of course one of the most important factors influencing its choice, so you need to determine the amount you can spend before looking for your next house, and according to that, other specifications are determined.

2- Area:

Do you need a small house where you can sleep or rest for a short time, or are you looking for a large family home with an outdoor garden that can accommodate family members and make you feel comfortable and warm?

3- Location:

You need to choose a website that suits your daily needs. For example, if you are a married person, you need a home close to your work, surrounded by markets and also close to your children’s school.

4- Ventilation and lighting:

One of the most important factors influencing the aesthetics and comfort of the home is ventilation and lighting, so buy a home with wide windows that penetrate the sun and away from the neighboring buildings.

5- Distribution and area:

Most people spend most of their time indoors, especially those with family and children, so you should choose a spacious home with a comfortable spread area, which will make you feel comfortable and relaxed when you sit in it.

6- Building age:

Of course, we all prefer to buy a new home in which no one has lived before, but if you choose a used home, you will need to renew the paint, kitchen and toilets, especially if it is used. must be taken into account when buying or renting.

7- Number of rooms:

Do not allow the importance of the number of rooms in the house, to avoid future obstacles, especially if you have a large family and receive many guests during the year, so you should also have a room.

8- The kitchen:

It’s the soul of the house and its beating heart, and it’s what is specifically most important to women, so make sure you have a spacious kitchen and multiple cabinets that offer unlimited kitchen ownership.

9- Toilet:

There should be a sufficient number in the house, one for parents, another for children and one for guests, because of the importance of creating privacy and neatness of the house.

10- Bure:

Some people may miss this point, but it is very important, especially since the house was in a shared residential building in the middle of a complex, so choose a suitable place for your family and children that makes you feel comfortable leaving your home every morning to work.

With that in mind, you will definitely choose the perfect home for you and your family that fits your budget and needs.

How to choose new home decorations

Who among us does not dream of a beautiful and harmonious house, then the house is the family kingdom, and when a new house is chosen, the husband and wife strive to make this house the best.

To achieve the best results, it is necessary to seek the help of a creative decorator to create an elegant and harmonious decoration and a design that suits the living space and the tastes and needs of the residents.

How to choose new home decorations:

To begin with, should you choose the style you like most modern or classic? You can also mix styles to achieve a new and modern style, away from repetition and monotony.

To successfully create a new home decoration, all parts of the room must be coordinated together to create a stylish painting between the rooms in the room, the walls and the accessories.

Determine the main purpose of each room in your new home. It gives you the most important and necessary ideas to start choosing the new home decorations.

It is very important to distribute new home decorations and handle and prioritize every little space in the home according to need so that the result is ultimately a distinctive home that meets the needs of family members.

After that, the choice of the colors to be used begins, and from the beginning, attention must be paid to the choice between classic and modern decor, because each type requires different choices in color, furniture and furnishings.

The reception section in the house and the bedroom section must be determined from the beginning. The two sections are separate and preferably with private entrances to provide independence and privacy.

You need to keep in mind that the appropriate design needs to be integrated in terms of appearance, appearance and size, and that the color matches it.

In the case of the presence of old furniture, it is necessary to be consistent between the old and new furniture according to the area, and in the case of the purchase of new furniture, a decision must be made before buying it, because the house is like a piece of art, every point in it must be carefully chosen.

When choosing new home decorations, furniture in the interior should be distributed according to the purpose of its use, as well as taking into account the coordination between lighting and distribution, flowers and the various other accessories needed to make the space and beautify the place .

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