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Read how to open a bank account in Switzerland and its benefits


Sep 8, 2021

Discover how to open a bank account in Switzerland and its benefits. Therefore, foreign nationals residing in the country must submit a Swiss residence permit or proof of their work in the country.

Open a bank account in Switzerland

Discover how to open a bank account in Switzerland and its benefits. It is noteworthy that many banks in Switzerland offer online account opening services as well as can sign contracts digitally with a digital certificate.

How to open a bank account in Switzerland?

Opening an account is an easy and simple way to do it everywhere, as international banks offer the opportunity to open new accounts for individuals and companies.

It also allows it on its official websites, and Switzerland may have a great banking system because it adopts privacy policies that protect the data of its customers, so that bank accounts in Switzerland have become a secret for anyone who wants to hide his money illegally, but the procedures have now become stringent due to the spread of fear of terrorism and smuggling.

How to find the right bank in Switzerland?

Switzerland has more than 400 banks, but there are two banks that occupy the largest share of the banking market in Switzerland, namely Union Bank and Credit Suisse Group, where they have a variety of investment opportunities.

It is known to us that banks are subject to the laws of the country in which they are located, regardless of the group that owns the bank, and therefore the branch in your country will be subject to the conditions of the country’s government, and the bank in which the account is to be opened, must obtain the status of a qualified intermediary.

Account Type

Choosing the type of account is one of the most important steps you need to know to open a bank account, especially for Swiss banks, as there are many different types of bank accounts offered by Swiss banks, such as the initial minimum, the minimum balance In the account you will find out how to open a bank account in Switzerland and its benefits, and other factors that require conditions for opening a bank account.

The main advantage of opening a bank account in Switzerland

  • Protection and security: Switzerland enjoys respect for laws, and one of the most important features of its banks is that it has a plan to compensate for deposits and also provides a remedy against fluctuations in foreign exchange rates.
  • Savings development: Opening a bank account offers many benefits, such as global transfer, as well as the development of savings abroad, in addition to the ability to keep the bank account in one place.
  • Securing the future of the family: Banking is a successful way to ensure control over long-term financing, as well as being a law-abiding country
  • Enjoy many benefits: Banks offer a wide range of free benefits and services to their customers, so banks are increasing in Switzerland, as well as retaining customers.
  • Ease of distributing the inheritance: it is possible to feel comfortable and safe when it comes to inheritance, as the money comes to the family members correctly and without problems, while all procedures related to the inheritance are facilitated for the beneficiaries.

Many people with money prefer to open a bank account in Switzerland, because of the distinction between Swiss banks and other banks around the world, because of their confidentiality systems regarding accounts and the protection of customer privacy. In this article we learned how to open a bank account in Switzerland and its key features.

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