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He said that even the Supreme Court rejected the concept of Love Jihad.

He said that even the Supreme Court rejected the concept of Love Jihad.

The release of this film in Kerala was met with opposition from the Left Democratic Front (LDF), currently in power, and the United Democratic Front (UDF).

The upcoming Malayalam film The Kerala Story, which is set to be released on May 5, has already come under heavy criticism. The film reportedly chronicles how women from Kerala were allegedly brainwashed into joining the militant agency ISIS after being shipped off to countries like Afghanistan and Syria. It claims that 32,000 Kerala women have joined IS, although government records contain no such information.

The film’s release in Kerala was met with opposition from political parties such as the ruling Left Democratic Front (LDF), the opposition United Democratic Front (UDF), and their organizations respective youth. The Kerala Congress has also voiced their opposition to the film, saying the film shows Islam in a bad light. Now, the General Secretary of the Muslim Youth League, PK Feroze has also opposed the film and called the film a propaganda film approved by the ‘Sangh Parivar’. He also wrote on Facebook that a complaint should be filed against director Sudipto Sen.

In his message, he alleged that The Kerala Story shows that Muslims want to establish an Islamic state in Kerala. He also said that the film depicts Hindu women seduced by Muslim men to convert to Islam through Love Jihad and then brainwashed for terrorism. He said that even the Supreme Court rejected the concept of Love Jihad.

“As far as we know, this is a movie sponsored by Sanghparivar to divide people in the name of religion. If so, it’s not free speech or cinema. The case should be filed against the director for inciting hatred and hatred between various religious believers,” said PK Feroze.

Apparently, PK Firoze also openly challenged the makers of the film to prove their claim that 32,000 Kerala women were converted to Islam and taken to Syria. He said whoever has the evidence can submit it at the counter of Muslim Youth League district centers and get Rs 1 crore as a reward.

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