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How to open an international bank account ?


Sep 7, 2021

How to open an international bank account ?

How to open an international bank account, how to open an international bank account is an easy and simple way and can be done from wherever you are, as international banks offer the opportunity to open new accounts for individuals and to open companies and on their official websites the steps on how to open an international bank account, to simplify the steps in different languages, and if you want to know how to open an international bank account, you just need this article, because in this topic we show you how to open an international bank account via the Money Makers website.

Swiss bank account

Switzerland has an incredible banking system because it has legendary privacy policies that basically protect customer data, and disclosing information about private banking is a major criminal offense in Switzerland.

And bank accounts in Switzerland have become an important feature for anyone wishing to hide their illegal money or fraudulent practices, while procedures have now become strict due to fear of terrorism and smuggling, so the Swiss authorities have rejected some customers, including:

  • Switzerland refuses to hide how to open an international bank account for people involved in terrorist operations.
  • Persons involved in illegal acts from the point of view of Swiss law.
  • It is surprising that Swiss banks do not provide how to open an international bank account for customers from the United States, due to the large investigations by the Department of Justice in the United States.
  • Although Swiss banks are not as exciting as they appear in foreign films or portrayed in American dramas, Swiss banks remain one of the best international banks offering how to open an international bank account.
  • It works very well and in an amazing way, and every Swiss bank has its steps on how to open an international bank account, but you need to know the basic information and documents that need to be completed to open an account in a Swiss bank to be able to open.

How to open an international bank account in Switzerland?

  • You need to know if you are eligible for a bank account in Switzerland, as many Swiss banks now need to verify the account holder before completing the registration procedures, in order to maintain the integrity of the banks’ funds and prevent illegal funds from engaging in illegal activities.
  • Swiss banks have increased the requirements after campaigns by the US Department of Justice against tax evasion, and refuse to do business with US customers for fear of legal consequences, so where you live or your nationality can affect how you open an international bank account in Switzerland:
  • Citizens of some countries are banned from opening bank accounts in Switzerland, for various reasons, such as official provinces such as Russia and Iraq.
  • Your application to open an international bank account in Switzerland can be rejected regardless of your nationality or source of income, for example if you are classified as a political person at risk.
  • Swiss banks may refuse to open an international bank account for those who have participated in a scandal or have a suspicious public reputation, which may cause the bank concern or pose a risk to the bank’s reputation or risk to its sources of income.

How to find the right bank?

To know well how to have an international bank account in Switzerland, you need to look for the right bank that meets your needs, and it will be a surprise to you if you know that the country of Switzerland has more than 400 banks .

There are almost two banks that take up the bulk of the Swiss banking market, namely Union Bank and Credit Suisse Group, and you need to compare the policies and investment opportunities of a variety of banks with the best data, which can help you identify the pros and cons. , and find the best for you.

If privacy is one of the factors that forces you to deal with a Swiss bank, you need to think of a clever trick, it is simply a Swiss bank that has no branches with your country or on an official level with the government trade. .

Because banks are subject to the laws of the country in which you work, regardless of the nationality of the group that owns the bank, and therefore the branch in your country, the conditions of your government will be subject, which is the privacy space you were looking for.

You should know that the bank in which you want to open a bank account does not have the status of a qualified intermediary, that the bank may have to report the account holder and all money received from the United States to the IRS if the account holder is a U.S. citizen.

Select the account type

The most important step you need to know to open an international bank account, especially in a Swiss bank, is to know the type of account, as there are many different types of bank accounts offered by Swiss banks, such as the minimum initial deposit. , the minimum balance in the account and other factors that include the conditions for opening a bank account.

Here is another important international bank, which is in the UAE, because of its advantages which are not less than those of Switzerland.

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