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How to open an international bank account in the UAE 2021


Sep 7, 2021

How to open an international bank account in the UAE 2021? If you travel a lot and move from one country to another, and you want to open an international bank account and rent your money in different currencies, the benefits of opening an international bank account are many, especially in the UAE.

Opening an international bank account is not only limited to the rich or business people, but those who move a lot between countries, especially the Gulf countries and the Middle East, can open an international bank account, and the following are the benefits of opening an international bank account abroad.

Benefits of opening an international bank account in the UAE

Protection and security

The UAE is a law-abiding and transparent country, and one of the advantages of banks is that it has a deposit compensation scheme, and it also offers you a sense of security that your wealth is protected from the risks of access restrictions to capital, and it also provides an additional remedy against fluctuations in foreign exchange rates.

Grow your savings

For expatriates and workers in the UAE and those who live far from their countries and families, opening a bank account offers them many benefits, including geographical diversification and global transfer, as well as the development of your savings abroad, and offers you the ability to keep your bank account in one place when you move to another place.

To secure your family’s future

Opening an international bank account in a law-abiding country ultimately makes a big difference when it comes to saving your family’s future, and foreign banking is a successful way to ensure true control over your long-term financing.

Enjoy different features

Foreign banking can be your ticket to enjoy a myriad of free services and the benefits of being their customers, and with the increasing popularity of foreign banking and its products, banks are increasingly realizing the benefits of loyalty programs for new customers, retention of customers and long-term financial returns.

Ease of inheritance

Sense of security and peace of mind about inheritance, getting your money right from your family members, inheriting your property and assets smoothly and effortlessly, and how you can facilitate the distribution of wealth to private beneficiaries.

How to open an international bank account for non-residents in the UAE?

If you want to open an international bank account in the UAE, the banks will only allow you to create a savings account, as certain restrictions are imposed on the non-resident bank account, compared to what is imposed on a person’s bank account officially residing in the UAE.

If you enter the United Arab Emirates via a tourist visa, you are entitled to a debit card with which you can withdraw money from your account, and you have access to online banking services for non-residents of the United Arab Emirates, depending on the status of the candidates.

As for the checkbook, it is not for non-residents, and the cost of account management and transactions varies between $ 10 and $ 20.

Select the account type

The most important step you need to know to open an international bank account, especially in a Swiss bank, is to know the type of account, as there are many different types of bank accounts offered by Swiss banks, such as the minimum initial deposit. , the minimum balance in the account and other factors that include the conditions for opening a bank account.

Finally, we talked about opening a bank account in another major international bank, which is in the UAE, because of its benefits that are no less than the state of Switzerland.

How to find the right bank?

  1. To know well how to have an international bank account in Switzerland, you need to look for the right bank that meets your needs, and it will be a surprise to you if you know that the country of Switzerland has more than 400 banks .
  2. Almost two banks own most of the Swiss banking market, namely Union Bank and Credit Suisse Group.
  3. You should compare the policies and investment opportunities of a variety of banks with the best data, which can help you study the pros and cons and find the best one for you.
  4. If privacy is one of the factors that drives you to handle a Swiss bank, you need to think of a clever trick.
  5. It is simply a Swiss bank that has no branches with your country, or deals with the government on an official level.

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