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How to open an account in Boubyan Bank Kuwait 2021?


Sep 8, 2021

How to open an account in Boubyan Bank Kuwait 2021? The method of opening an account at Boubyan Bank Kuwait will be done through a number of simple steps, which causes a large portion of the individuals to want to open the account.

The Boubyan Bank account offers many banking and banking services, in addition to many benefits; Therefore, we will learn through the money makers how to open an account in Boubyan Bank Kuwait with the steps.

How to open an account in Kuwait Boubyan Bank

Boubyan Bank is considered as one of the best banks in Kuwait, due to its uniqueness in providing the best banking and banking services, whether to its customers or non-customers, in addition to the benefits that each customer enjoys by providing one of the services by the bank.

Among the services that Boubyan Bank offers to its valued customers is the opening of an account in the bank, through which the customer can obtain many banking services in addition to many benefits.

The method of opening an account with Boubyan Kuwaiti Bank lies in the Boubyan Direct service, which is the latest service that the bank provides to customers and non-customers, and Boubyan Bank is the first bank to provide this service to customers liver.

Where after the spread of the Corona epidemic it became very dangerous to be present in one place, the bank spread this technology in more than one area, and it contains the following: Al Shuhada, Al-Bayan, and it becomes also found in the malls: The Avenues, Al Hamra, Gate Mall, Awad, Albayrak.

All the customer needs to do is go to one of the branches with this technology, mentioned before, and then talk to a service representative, and he is told that the customer an account in Boubyan Bank.

The customer informs the customer service representative of all the data needed to open the account, then the customer gets his bank card, and therefore he opened an account at Boubyan Bank, and he is now a customer of the bank .

Boubyan Bank Account Types

After learning how to open an account with Boubyan Bank, we learn more about the type of accounts that Boubyan Bank offers to customers, in addition to the features and services that each account offers.

While Boubyan Bank of Kuwait offers a variety of accounts to customers so that the customer can choose the type of account that suits his terms and functions, and learn more about the types of accounts that the bank offers through the following paragraphs:

Salary calculations

We will learn more in the following paragraphs about the salary bills provided by Boubyan Bank.

ONE account

This type of account offers many features and services, which we will learn about, in addition to everything related to the account, through the following points:

  1. Through this account, the customer receives ONE card with which he can withdraw automatically, in addition to the VISA Platinum credit card, which is only exempt from fees in the first year.
  2. The customer also receives a MasterCard Platinum for which the customer does not even pay the fees in the first year after owning it.
  3. The customer who has opened an account enjoys many offers and discounts on many products and is exclusive to credit cards.
  4. The customer enjoys up to 20% discount on insurance products by Boubyan Takaful.
  5. The customer receives a refund of up to 5% of the value of the purchases made with the credit card, whether inside or outside Kuwait, via the Boubyan rewards program.
  6. This account is only available to employees in Kuwait.
  7. A Kuwaiti customer can open this account if his salary starts from 400 and reaches Kuwait dinars per month until 1999.

Platinum account

It is one of the accounts that appears under the salary accounts, which in turn manages all financial transactions of the client in a way that suits his personal and professional ambitions and dreams. We learn the conditions for opening this account through the following points:

  • Every customer can open this account, whether he is a Kuwaiti citizen or only a resident.
  • A client who earns a salary of more than 2000 Kuwaiti dinars per month can open this account.
  • The client can open this type of account if he owns at least 30 thousand Kuwaiti dinars, either in one of the deposits or through the investment funds in Boubyan Bank.

Retirement account

After the client retires, he begins a new phase in his life; Therefore, Boubyan Bank decided to be part of this phase as the customer can benefit from many banking services and special offers on products through the retirement account.

In addition to many other features, we also learn the most important details regarding this account through the following points:

  • Once the customer has opened the retirement account through Boubyan Bank, he receives one of the following two cards: one card or platinum card, which specializes in automatic withdrawals.
  • The bank requires the applicant to obtain Kuwaiti citizenship.
  • The salary the client receives each month must be at least 400 Kuwaiti dinars in order for his request to open this account to be accepted.

Premium savings account

This account is considered to be one of the accounts that many customers want to subscribe to, because this account is designed in accordance with the principles of speculation compatible with Islamic Sharia, and we will learn about the most important details of the account through the following points:

  • This account offers the customer daily profits on the amounts deposited in them, and these profits are calculated every month.
  • Through this account, the customer can withdraw any amount of money from the amount deposited in the account at any time.
  • Through the Boubyan Bank application, the customer can follow up all banking operations that take place through his account.

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