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How to make a Visa internet card without a bank account


Jun 18, 2020

Some of us always have the desire to buy a product or service online, even if it is a one-time experience, and some think that (online shopping) is difficult due to the need to get cards or a method to payment.

And that it is necessary to create a bank account and own an amount of money, and that is not correct. Currently, there are many e-commerce tools in abundance, and there is nothing that can hinder the user.

It’s so easy to have these cards that it’s just a matter of knowing where these cards are issued! But to make it easy to obtain, we are interested in a few things that will help to make the most of the cards.

These cards are the most effective and used tool among the e-commerce tools because it allows the holder to buy products or services or even information or electronic books, without which, for example, she can not buy a domain to create a blog, a website , or advertise a product or service.

And not to prolong, we start with some important questions that help us understand the methods and mechanisms of making prepaid cards or so-called prepaid cards, and then we mention some places of issuance in some Arab countries , as far as we could information.

The difference between credit cards and prepaid cards

There is what is called (credit cards), but there is a difference between it and (prepaid) which is the subject of our article, and the difference is that credit cards must come from a bank account and the bank that issues the card a amount paid in money (loan) that enables the cardholder to buy later with interest and pay later.

Unlike prepaid cards, a prepaid balance must be deposited by the cardholder in order to use them.

Credit cards are called ‘credit cards’. Prepaid cards are called ‘prepaid cards’. These two types of cards are issued by the two most popular networks, Visa and MasterCard, and electronic banks also issue such prepaid cards, but the methods of obtaining them differ.

What are prepaid Visa / MasterCard cards?

These are multi-use cards issued by a banking agency at a certain cost, usually no more than ten dollars or less or more, depending on the bank issuing them, and are called prepaid or prepaid because they are paid by the holder before payment. or purchase.

Their validity period is temporary, as some banks issue it for one year, then renew it and some issue it for a period of two or three years.

Advantages and disadvantages of Visa / MasterCard prepaid cards

1- Complete security

and does not need to have a bank account, and can be used as an electronic money portfolio in which you can deposit money without interest and withdraw from ATMs at any time.

It is also characterized by its speed of use. After the amount is deposited, the purchase process of the product or service can be completed.

2- The flaws lie in one thing

This is the daily allowable limit for purchases and varies according to each bank. Some banks put an end to the purchase, for example, equivalent to $ 1,200 a day.

That is, you can not buy a product or service that exceeds it, and the withdrawal and deposit are also specific, but it does not represent a problem, just like the daily purchase limit, and the limit can be set by the bank employee or when purchasing the card.

The best way to pay with Visa / MasterCard

The best and safest way ever is to create a Paypal account and then link the card or cards if it is more than one, and then use it to pay on any website that accepts payment with Paypal. .

Prepaid Visa / MasterCard Withdrawal Procedures

We go to the bank responsible for issuing it, and all that is required of you is a copy of the ID and the fees for obtaining the card that do not exceed, as we mentioned earlier ten dollars in most Arab countries and can more or less.

Then the card is issued on the same day at most banks or other banks, which can last a week or ten days, and each bank according to its rules.

How is the Visa / MasterCard credit card balance charged?

It is always possible to charge any card via the bank’s ATMs that issued the card, and the deposit feature and not just the withdrawal must be available in this machine.

As for the desire to withdraw money, it can be done via any ATM, and it is not necessary that it belongs to the bank that issued the card.

Which currencies can be deposited in Visa / MasterCard prepaid cards?

Prepaid cards only accept deposits in local currency, but this is not a source of concern for those wishing to pay in foreign currencies, as the bank converts your local currency into the required currency in dollars or euros or any of the foreign currencies which is traded internationally when you shop via foreign websites.

What is better VISA or MASTER CARD?

There is no significant difference between them in terms of use, but MasterCard can be accepted on a number of sites slightly more than the number of sites that accept Visa, and in general all sites we may have to pay through will have the two types of cards accept.

Is it possible to obtain more than one Visa / MasterCard?

Yes, it is possible, but not from the same bank as the bank issues you only one card in your name, but if you request it from another bank, it is possible (ie one card from each bank).

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