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How to buy the right home for you


Jun 19, 2020

It is not an easy task to choose a dwelling house, as some people think that if there is regular talk about owners wanting to exchange their flats, because if they live in it, they will discover things they have not mentioned before. But it’s too late, and change has become difficult:

1. Determine the budget:

You need to specify the amount to be spent on buying the home. In this context, it is possible that an individual needs a home loan to pay for the home, and therefore the first payment as the monthly payments he will have to spend should be considered before starting the task of looking for a home. It is important not to waste time looking for a home that the buyer does not have the financial capacity for.

2. Make sure that the address is well chosen:

You should wander around in some new residential areas and look at the possibility of living in them, in terms of the convenience of transportation to and from them, or the proximity of the mother’s house or the mother-in-law, for example, or if the wife is a worker and would like to keep her child with his grandmother to take care of him.

The decision to choose a housing area affects the budget, but it should always be kept in mind that it is better to buy a small house in a luxury setting than to buy a larger house in a hustle and bustle.

3. Think about children:

It is very important to look for a house with a garden, or located in a residential project that contains playgrounds and playgrounds for children, so that the house is not a prison for them.

4. Set priorities:

It must always be remembered that buying a home is completely different from buying a car. Therefore, priority should be given in the dream home, such as the size of the room, the size of the kitchen, the number of bathrooms and the balconies.

5. Visit the place at different times:

If you find a suitable home, it is best to visit it at different hours of the day to check out the living environment.

6. Check the official documents:

It is important to obtain papers and official documents from home. In this context, it is advisable to take a copy of it, so go to the bank or the donor company’s home loans if you would like, and look for offers that offer flexibility in payment and lower benefits.

Before submitting the application, it is recommended to investigate the possibility of paying the payments that will be imposed on the individual for many years, provided it is not exhausting, with what family life later requires of other expenses.

7. Buy a house:

Completing the purchase transaction and completing some internal adjustments to the home, before moving, takes a lot of time, and it requires some money that you did not avoid before, and therefore you should be notified , and during this period it is preferable to send messages to all the agencies that handle it. The individual must notify her of his new postal address.

How to choose home paint

Knowing how to choose the interior colors of the house requires a lot of time and practice, and considering what atmosphere you want to create before choosing a color, some shades give weight to the room, while others have lighter weight, and there are also differences between warm, cold and neutral colors that affect In the room there are many tips to help you choose:

1. Make the small room look bigger by painting the walls in a light color, and there is a small bathroom or a narrow pit that looks more open when the walls are painted white or in pastel shades; pastels are effective, especially to expand the room.

2. By mixing more colors, it will generally create a space that looks wider and more open, with the visual weight of the wall by choosing bold, with bright colors attracting bright colors as you draw attention to want to establish the walls, especially one wall, or on the ceiling, and consider using a color that is more daring than any of the other colors in the room.

Create an illusion of height by painting the ceiling in a light color, the colors of the light on the ceiling attract attention.

4. Choose a warm color for group expression and strength. Warm colors make you feel warm and intimate, choose cool colors to create a calming effect, cold colors look good to relax, lighter shades look fresh and clean, while dark shades can be almost therapeutic.

Add a delicate touch to any room by painting the walls or ceiling in a light pink color in the girl’s bedroom, usually pink also works in the bathrooms.

6. Paint the room green with a sense of nature, and let this color easily match most rooms. Green walls give calm and feel safe, but can also reflect the green light poorly and make your skin color look unattractive, especially if green is used on the ceiling. So green may not be the best choice for bathrooms.

7. The use of violet color to create an atmosphere of calm. Violet is a royal and romantic color, and as a result, it can give the purple walls in a room a balance and harmony.

8. Keep things simple with neutral colors. The neutral colors contain white, gray, black and brown shades. They fit in with most surrounding areas and make it easier for homeowners and interior designers to change furniture later.

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