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How much money do I need to invest to earn $ 50 a month?


Aug 24, 2021

How much money do I need to invest to earn $ 50 a month?The best way to invest in banks is through the steps provided on our website, where the bank is the best institution to which a person can turn to invest his money. Unlike other ways, there are several ways that can be considered the best to invest in banks, and this is what we will show you, dear reader, through this topic.

What is the best way to invest step by step in banks?

  • We find that there are many ways you can save money.

  • But best of all is to invest this money in banks.

  • This has not been the case in the past, these banks have not had excellent offers to invest your money in.

  • But with the progress, the banks have experienced many changes.

  • And now you have many excellent deals to choose from that are suitable for the amount of money you have saved.

  • Even though these amounts are very simple, you just need to deposit this amount in the bank in a certain way, dear reader.

  • After that, you can easily wait for the interest after the period specified by the bank.

  • One of the best of these systems in banks is the system of investment and savings certificates.

  • But they are diverse and each category has its own characteristics.

How do I invest my money in the bank?

  • Man is always looking for a way to invest his money and generate profit because he is afraid of looting and theft.

  • He is looking for a safe project, and investing in banks is one of the safest and most comfortable investments, as it is enough to put your money in the bank to make annual or monthly profits.

  • The bank also protects your money from looting and fraud and guarantees your right to identification papers.

  • But before you insure your money in the bank and invest it, you need to know what investments you have available in banks, and you need to distinguish between usury banks and Islamic banks and choose the bank that suits you.

Deposit in banks

  • The principle of deposit in general means that you deposit your money or part of it in the bank for a period determined according to the contract, whether it is three months, six months or a year.

  • It is forbidden to withdraw or add money within the period you specify until the end of the contract period, and the bank uses your monthly interest against it at a certain rate, and the percentage is determined according to the bank’s policy.

Savings account in banks

Most of those who invest in a savings account are people with limited income because the bank takes small amounts of money to invest in a savings account, as you can withdraw or add money whenever you want, and the interest is added. amount for each month, but the interest rate is little and less than the deposit rate.

The best way to invest money in banks

Treasury bills:

  • Although their returns are close to savings certificates, treasury bills are currently a more flexible tool for savings owners.

  • It can become a temporary alternative to certificates, and accounts are an instrument issued by the central bank on behalf of the Ministry of Finance to borrow, that is, it is a government instrument by which the state borrows to finance its meet needs.

  • This instrument is characterized as a short-term investment instrument, where it is possible to purchase accounts of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months, and the return on it currently turns around 13%, excluding tax, which is 20%. Referring to the accounts, the annual return will be approximately 10.4% after tax deduction.

  • In simpler terms, when 100,000-pound accounts are bought for a year, the proceeds are £ 13,000, before tax deduction, and the net return after deduction is £ 10,400 a year, and £ 5,200, if 6-month ‘accounts are bought, and 2 600 EGP if you buy 3 month accounts.

Stock market:

  • For some savers, an option is an option, but this issue is related to high risk, which makes it different from savings certificates and zero-risk treasury bills.

  • Macroeconomic specialists in investment banks believe that the Egyptian stock exchange.

  • This may be a suitable option for those looking for a good profit, given the market’s anticipation of new proposals and shares for companies to be launched for the first time, especially in the education sectors , financial technology and health, but investment funds managed by banks.

  • This is a more suitable option for those who want to take less risk, as these funds invest on behalf of savers, through an equity portfolio determined by their employees.

  • These funds yield a reasonable return that varies between 8.5% and 9% and sometimes increases.


  • The real estate sector is one of the safe havens and at the same time profitable for the owners of savings, but this savings pool has its own specifications, as the investment in real estate is linked to the owners of large and long-term savings, which means it can be suitable for the owners of financial surpluses.

  • Those who want to keep the value of their savings and then make a good profit will resell Stthrough.

  • The real estate sector is therefore an inappropriate refuge for owners of relatively little savings and those who want to earn quickly.

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