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Earn more than Rs 30,000 per month by opening laptop, mobile repair center

You can start this business with Rs 30,000.

You can start this business with Rs 30,000.

It is necessary that you first take a laptop and mobile repair course.

Nowadays laptops and mobile phones have become essential gadgets for everyone. With the ease of internet access in India, there has been an expansion of online services. This is the reason why laptops, once seen only in offices, have become a necessity in every household. Due to the growing trend of using laptops and mobile phones, the demand for repair services has also increased. This is where a mobile laptop repair center comes in. With a small investment, you can start your own business offering laptop and cell phone repair services. This business has great profit potential, as there is a constant demand for these services. With the right skills and the right tools, you can establish yourself as a reliable and trustworthy repair service provider, ensuring the long-term success of your business.

Get training before you start

Repairing laptops and mobiles is a skill that requires prior knowledge before starting the business. Therefore, it is necessary that you first complete a laptop and mobile computer repair course. Many institutions provide this course in the country. In addition to this, laptop and mobile repair online can also be learned, but it is better to go to an institution.

Pay special attention to these things

When you master the repair of laptops and cell phones, then you should open your own repair center. The laptop repair center must be opened in an easily accessible place and there are not too many such centers already. You can use social media to promote your business. This will help more and more people know that you have opened a repair center around them, which will increase your customer base.

You can start with some basics

The motherboard, processor, RAM, hard disk and sound card, etc. do not need to be kept in large quantities as they can be easily ordered and received.

Start with very little investment

You can start a laptop repair center with very little investment. In fact, you can start the business with Rs 30-50,000. In the beginning, you can run the business with minimal equipment. As the business grows, you can also increase the investment. Mobile phone and laptop repair costs are quite high, so you can earn a good income from this business.

Earn more than Rs 30,000 per month

According to one estimate, it is easy to save hundreds of rupees per day through this business initially. If you do a good job and the trust of people in your center increases, your income will also increase. That is to say, you can easily earn around Rs 30,000 per month from this business.

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