• Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

Deepika Padukone Trends on Twitter for allegedly following the Anti-Alia Bhatt account; here is the truth

Deepika Padukone has caught everyone's attention after her alleged activity on Twitter.

Deepika Padukone has caught everyone’s attention after her alleged activity on Twitter.

Deepika Padukone reportedly followed and abandoned an anti-Alia Bhatt Twitter account. The actress has yet to respond to these claims.

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has come under fire from some of Alia Bhatt’s fans on social media. The Cocktail actress, who was accused of being “insecure” after sharing photos of BTS from her Oscars moment, was reportedly seen following an anti-Alia Bhatt Twitter account. However, she seems to have realized it was a “mistake” and quickly rectified it by unfollowing the account.

A Twitter user who goes by the handle @Instajustice13 has claimed that Deepika Padukone follows their “backup” account, which often posts tweets stalking Alia Bhatt. The account also shared an alleged video claiming to show their notification regarding Deepika following the account. “Not #DeepikaPadukone following my save account,” the Twitter user wrote.

While a few users claimed that they also noticed the account was in Deepika’s ‘Following’ list on Twitter, one fan claimed that they informed Deepika about the anti-Alia account and her intentions and l actress dropped the account soon after.

A screenshot of a Twitter user going by the handle @dishaspovs goes viral in which the user claims to have told Deepika about the malicious account and Deepika then dumped the anti-Alia account. “She unsubscribed from that account after seeing my texts, so she definitely didn’t know about it!” reads the tweet, along with a screenshot of the alleged message the user sent to the actress and the latter read it. account at the time of writing the report. News18 cannot confirm the authenticity of the mentioned tweet.

The Deepika Padukone fan reportedly told the actress about the anti-Alia Bhatt Twitter account.

Said anti-Alia Bhatt account appears to be a fan of Kangana Ranaut and Madhuri Dixit, with several retweets and posts featuring the two stars. A few Reddit users also claimed to have seen Deepika following the account for a few hours before hitting the unfollow button.

Meanwhile, Deepika has yet to react to the alleged Twitter activity.

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