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BTS ARMY is proud of what J-Hope is achieving through combat skills and firearms training; See the pictures

BTS member J-Hope is currently completing his military training.

BTS member J-Hope is currently completing his military training.

New photos of BTS member J-Hope from his military training have surfaced online.

BTS ARMY, known for their adoration and loyalty to the chart-topping K-pop group, has received equal affection and recognition from global icons. It’s no wonder that when members Jin and J-Hope began their mandatory military service, tears were shed. However, fans have been inundated with photos of the members training hard from time to time. Recently, J-Hope has started his military service and has already completed his first course in combat skills and firearms training.

In a series of photos that have gone viral on Twitter, the rapper can be seen holding a gun and posing with fellow soldiers, whose faces have been blurred out for privacy reasons. Fans expressed their pride and admiration for J-Hope’s dedication and hard work, and the photos became an inspiration to many. The accompanying photos were reviewed by the commander at the 23-5 cafe at Camp Shinkyo University, adding to the official nature of the images.

The tweet read: “Hobi took his first course in combat skills and firearms training on how to handle a firearm. The photos are official and reviewed by the Commandant of the 23rd through the 5th Cafe at Camp Shinkyo University. My Hoseok. I’m so proud of you.”

For ARMY members, this is just one example of the dedication and commitment that BTS and its members have shown to their fans. Despite their immense success, the members of BTS have remained humble and grounded, and their military service is just another example of their commitment to their country and their duty.

While J-Hope may be away from the stage and spotlight for a while, his fans continue to support him and look forward to his return using the hashtag “We love you J-Hope”. And with the dedication and hard work he showed in his military training, there is no doubt that he will continue to shine in whatever he does.

After enlisting, it was reported that Hoseok entered his designated military base seven minutes before the 2 p.m. deadline. The emotional day was marked by the presence of all the members who came to greet him, including Kim Seokjin, alias Jin, who reportedly requested a leave of absence from his duties.

The rapper is the second BTS member to enlist for mandatory military service in South Korea. He followed in his hyung’s footsteps, and the group’s oldest member Kim Seokjin signed up for the training in December last year.

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