How long until spring 2022 countdown

How long until the spring 2022 countdown? Spring how many days? Spring is a season that people eagerly await. It is the season of fun and the mild weather, neither hot nor frost, in which flowers bloom and the animals emerge from their winter hibernation, continuing in their search for food. So, through the reference website, we will explain how much is left until the Spring 2022 countdown? With the features of the spring and the most important information about it.

When does spring start

Epistemologically, spring begins on Monday, March 21, corresponding to Sha’ban 19, 1443 AH in the northern hemisphere, which is the hemisphere in which Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries are located, provided that the same date is the autumn season in the southern hemisphere, and by this day a star will cross The sun is exactly on the equator, and thus the amount of solar radiation is equal between the two hemispheres, and this results in the occurrence of a phenomenon equal to the number of hours of night and day that characterize both spring and autumn. Which causes the phenomenon of no shadow in the case of countries located on the equator.

How much is left for spring?

The spring season in Saudi Arabia is relatively cold, especially in the northern regions, and the temperature can sometimes reach 15 degrees in general, it is 20 degrees at night. Asir), and for you until Spring 2022, we present the countdown below:

Spring term 2022

Although an astronomer and an astronomer begins spring on March 21, its true beginning can be considered in 2022 in the northern hemisphere on Sunday, March 20 – (the difference is the number of hours) – as the professor of astronomy at the National Institute for Astronomical Research “Ashraf Tadros” explained that On March 20, it will witness the astronomical phenomenon known as the vernal equinox and that the sun of this day will rise from the far east and set at the westernmost point, so the duration of the spring season is about 88 days, 23 hours and 34 minutes, and ends at the beginning of Tuesday, June 21, with the occurrence of the phenomenon of the summer solstice.

Spring season information

Spring is the season of beauty and the breezes of flowers scented with the beautiful, intelligent scent, and the breezes of the fresh air. However, some of its signs are also:

  • It is the middle season between winter and summer that paves the way for the temperature difference between them.
  • In the spring there is a melting of the ice that is in the winter.
  • Increasing the level of rainwater in the places corresponding to the snowy areas.
  • Green foliage growth, flowers open.
  • Animals awaken from hibernation.
  • Equal to the number of hours of night and day.
  • In this season, the Earth’s axis is tilted toward the Sun.
  • The clarity of the sky.
  • Migration of birds in search of food.

  1. Mother’s Day (March 21).
  2. Songkran Festival in Thailand (Thai New Year is on April 13th and lasts for 3 days).
  3. Nowruz, the Persian New Year (March 20).
  4. Jewish Passover (April 14-23).
  5. Christian Easter (April 17).
  6. Sham El-Nessim (April 29).
  7. Labor Day (May 1).

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