Carry loads of sand and dust in the air?

Carrying amounts of sand and dust in the air? Many phenomena occur in nature throughout the year, and each of the four seasons of the year has features, characteristics, and phenomena that differ from the other season.

The high temperature is related to the summer season, while the extreme cold is during the winter, Storms, and winds blow during the fall or winter, and the weather is mild during the spring, and the reference site will identify the answer to the question posed.

Carry loads of sand and dust in the air?

Climate and weather conditions in a general change in the event of fluctuations in the weather, and winds loaded with dust and dust may be produced and released into the air, and these winds negatively affect visibility, and some snowstorms arise if temperatures drop to less than zero, and there are thunderstorms. Storms that carry large amounts of sand and dust in the air are called:

  • sandstorms;

Sandstorm concept

A sandstorm is called a dust storm, in which the winds carry large amounts of dust and sand in the air, where they form a cloud that resides above the surface of the earth, but the majority of sand does not rise above 50 centimeters, and grains of sand may rise to a distance of up to two meters.

The sand carried by the wind ranges between 0.15 mm and 0.30 mm, and the wind speed during these storms may reach more than 16 kilometers per hour, and winds may continue to blow for several hours, up to three to five hours, and it is worth noting that sandstorms abound in The Arab Gulf states, especially in central and eastern Saudi Arabia, and in North Africa.

What damage do sandstorms cause?

There are many damages caused by sandstorms, and these damages are as follows:

  • Loss of topsoil for many states and countries.
  • Great losses for the national economy and for the people.
  • Crop damage.
  • Sandstorms carry viral spores that interact with the atmosphere.
  • Storms lead to lung cancer and suffocation.
  • People with asthma deteriorate because of their decreased lung function.

At the end of our article, we have answered the question of carrying amounts of sand and dust in the air? We also learned about the concept of sandstorms and mentioned the damage they cause.

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